Empowering EX for a National Electricity Company

The employee experience journey designed by New Metrics changed and developed workplace culture at this leading electricity company, increasing employee engagement.

The Business Challenge

A national utility company wanted to elevate its functionality and achieve its aim of becoming a top electricity services provider in the Sultanate of Oman by 2022.


New Metrics launched a training programme for its employees. Designed to maximise impact and ensure continuity during the on-going initiative, six pillars were established:

  • Measurement
  • Discovery
  • Training Programme Design
  • Values Workshops
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Values champion development 

A captivating story for the overall programme was developed, to enable new initiatives to reach the hearts, heads and hands of its audience.

The Process

  • Defined the values across different levels of the organization
  • Conducted an audit of the HR manual to see if it aligned with the values.
  • Saw Managers lead by example, becoming the embodiment of the company’s values
  • Developed managers’ capabilities to continuously communicate the company’s values
  • Created internal “values champions” to ensure values were adopted at all levels 
  • Engaged employees around the core values and their contribution to Oman through  their employment at the company



embedded into the organisation


of the employees felt connected to the new values


more connected with the new values than employees who did not attend the workshops

The programme initiated new values and embedded them into the organisation. Designing a fully-fledged employee experience journey changed and developed workplace culture at the company, increasing engagement. At the programme’s conclusion, more than 60% of the employees felt connected to the new values. Employees that attended the value workshop felt 31% more connected with the new values than employees who did not attend the workshops. 

Programme Impact

  • Offered managers the capabilities to act and live the values in their management practice through training
  • Focused internal communication on the behaviors and rewarding the right behaviors
  • Emphasized the importance of capturing employees and new joiners (who did not yet receive any values induction) and providing them with an introduction to the company culture
  • Improved internal communication around workshops invitations and surveys to increase participation
  • The inclusion of learned behaviors is now a regular feature of quarterly development meetings between managers and employees, or during other regular interventions where employees self-assess if they are actively living the company values. This is kept separate from KPI discussions and bonus meetings to maintain positivity around the values

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